Time is Running Out 

by Erica Ponthier

12th Grade at Lakeshore High School

Not For Sale

I was motivated to create this artwork because I believe that humanity as a whole should focus more on preserving what remains of our environment so that future generations can experience it for themselves. We cannot continue to abuse and destroy our wildlife and landscapes because there is no other place like it and once it is gone it will never return to its original state. I implemented this concept into my artwork by demonstrating how our impact on the environment is shortening the length of time Earth will retain its individuality and life. The artwork contains an hourglass filled with water because it’s essential to life on Earth and the hourglass represents the amount of time life will remain. A majority of the landscape is a barren desert with the exception of the area with water, which shows signs of life in the form of elephants and palm trees. The cracks in the hourglass represent the environmental issues our planet faces. Once the hourglass runs out of water, Earth will no longer be able to support life and its beautiful diversity will cease to exist.

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