Our Heartbeat

by Ella Bereziuk

12th Grade at Covington High School
8 1/4″ x 11 1/4″

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The earth is a wondrous place filled with vibrant colors, breathtaking views, and diverse scenery, all coming together to make a masterpiece. However, the earth today is also facing more problems than ever; including climate change, deforestation, water and air pollution, and so much more. The most concerning part about this is that we are the ones who cause our home to suffer in this way, even after we acknowledge it as an issue. My painting represents the earth as the heart of every living thing. We need it to survive and it needs our love and care to flourish. Without the pure water to circulate through the ground and the trees to keep the air clean, the heart would stop beating. Daily, animals and nature become increasingly harmed by the earth’s own children worldwide. Of all the planets in the galaxy, the earth is the one that gives us life, and that makes it quite special. My hope is that one day our planet will no longer be suffering, and instead thrive in the care it is given. My hope is that the earth and its people become one.

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