The 2017-2018 Scholarship Competition Theme is

300 Plus: Onwards and Upwards!


2018 marks the 300th anniversary of the city of New Orleans. What do the next 300 years hold? What kind of city or region do you envision in the future? Create the New Orleans you dream it should be.


As the city of New Orleans is poised to celebrate perhaps its greatest achievement/hallmark yet, it’s 300th anniversary, we invite you to take part in the festivities! However, while the entire city will be looking back at the great historical moments that have built New Orleans, we challenge you to look forward and mediate on what the next 300 year holds for the city. For this year’s contest theme, reflect upon what the next 300 years of New Orleans holds for you. Create the New Orleans you dream it will be. For inspiration, think of how you would like to see the city: What kind of city do you envision in the future? What kind of progress do you predict? It’s important to pick an original subject using your own vision and creativity that personally inspires YOU!

Before you get started, please review the competition guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Chair of Scholarships, Katherine Winford, at

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The contest deadline is Friday, January 12, 2018 at 5PM.

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